1. Event links are generated automatically and based on the title of the event.

2. Event links can't be edited. If you edit the title of an event, the link won't be changed.

3. If the title of an event is repeated, the URL will use the title and add "-1", "-2", and so on. URLs can't be repeated even if you have already deleted the first event.

3.5 Simultaneous events with the same title will be ....





If you want your event to have an URL that is not obvious and easy to find, set the title of your event as a code using different numbers and digits. 

Example: ASDNRDFsjsk@#$RDSG

The URL will be generated based on the first title you set. You can change the title after! 

How to get the link to the Landing page of the event?

Remember that a landing page will be automatically generated after you create your event.

1. Tab View Event Landing Page in the notification shown after you create an event and copy the URL.

2. Tab the 3 dots on the right upper corner of the event card in Your Events. Press View Event Landing Page and copy the URL.