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Surveys and Quizzes are great ways for you to get a pulse for how your guests are feeling, what they're thinking about, or just how much they know!

And it's definitely no secret how useful these are in both Online and Live Events. That being said though, it's probably a lot easier to distribute a survey or quiz in an online setting...

...and one of the ways you can do this is by using the Miro whiteboard in your Remo Event.

If you choose to use the Whiteboard you can either create your survey and link to this from the whiteboard -OR- you can create the survey on the Miro Whiteboard itself.

Either way, the first step is to open up a table's whiteboard so click 'More', and then 'Whiteboard' in your bottom menu toolbar.

Using a 3rd party Survey Tool and Linking this via the Whiteboard

1. Create your survey or quiz using the tool of your choice.

Here are some ideas for tools you could create your surveys or quizzes on:

- Google Forms
- Paperform
- Typeform
- Survey Monkey

2. Once you've designed your survey or quiz, copy the link or the iFrame embed code to your clipboard

3. Now you can either share your survey or quiz via the form link or embed it in an iFrame:

Option 1: Form Link

Find the Upload button on the left-hand side toolbar, and then click 'Upload via URL'. Copy and paste the link and click 'Ok'.

You may need to scroll down on that left toolbar by clicking the downward arrow button first

Option 2: iFrame

Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the left-hand side toolbar and then 'Paste iFrame code'. Copy the iFrame embed code of your form into the textbox and click 'Embed'.

3. Depending on the survey/quiz platform you use, your form may be able to open within the whiteboard itself, or otherwise may provide a link for your guests to click on that will open the form in a new tab.

For opening in a new tab, guests will need to click on the form and click the Open button on its toolbar

Designing the Survey/Quiz on Miro itself

Or, if you'd prefer not using a 3rd party tool, you can also create a survey using the Miro Whiteboard itself!

1. Use the Text tool to type out your question on the whiteboard

2. Add your answers as Sticky Notes, Text, or Shapes

3. Have your guests vote for their favourite answers in one of three ways:

  • Add emojis to vote ????????❤️⭐️
If you're using Sticky Notes, adding emojis is very simple - just click on the note and the emoji icon in the top toolbar.

If you're not using Sticky Notes, you will need to advise your guests to click the 3 dots in the left-hand side toolbar, select 'Emoji', and re-size this to fit onto your answer

  • Use the pen tool to add a mark next to the answer they choose
  • Use the shape tool to draw a shape next to the answer they choose

And there you have it! Your very own survey, quiz, or form for your guests to fill out using the Miro Whiteboard :)

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