Are you trying to hide the hustle and bustle of your busy office space, or your messy bedroom, or even just embarrassing family memorabilia?

Well... fear not! With Remo's new Virtual Background feature, you can do exactly that! You'll be able to display an image as your background during both Conversation AND Presentation mode.

This way you can easily address your guests and speakers from a calming beach scene, from in front of a cozy fireplace, or even a stunning setting of your very own creation, and with only a few clicks as well.

Before we get into how you can apply a virtual background there are two prerequisites to using Remo's Virtual Backgrounds:

  • Need to be using a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Need to be on a laptop, desktop, or computer. Virtual Backgrounds are not available on a mobile device as of now.

With that in mind, here's how you can apply a Virtual Background:

1. Click the inverted triangle next to your 'Cam' button in your bottom menu toolbar 

2. Select 'Virtual Background'

3. Click to select one of our pre-set images.

Virtual Backgrounds do take some good processing power, so consider changing your video quality depending on the device you're using. You can change your video quality by selecting from the drop-down menu as so:

4. If you'd prefer using your own Virtual Background you can upload your own image as well, just click 'Add image', and select an image file from your device.

Supported image formats for Custom Virtual Backgrounds are JPG and PNG, with a maximum image size of 4MB.

5. Check out a preview of what your camera will look like with the Virtual Background you've selected applied at the top of the screen.

6. If you're happy with it, click 'Save Changes'.

7. Now, turn on your Camera by clicking 'Cam' on your bottom menu toolbar and ta-da! You'll be able to see your video with your Virtual Background applied!

And... here are some of the frequently asked questions about Virtual Backgrounds:

  • Are Virtual Backgrounds available for all users?

Yes! Virtual Backgrounds are available for Event Hosts (Account Owners, Event Managers, Event Assistants), Speakers, AND Guests!

  • Are Virtual Backgrounds available in Presentation Mode or Conversation Mode?

Virtual Backgrounds are available in both Conversation and Presentation Mode!

  • Is the Virtual Background feature available on mobile devices?

No, Virtual Backgrounds are not available on mobile devices as of now. If you would like to apply a Virtual Background to your camera, you will need to be on a laptop, desktop, or computer device.

  • Which browsers are the Virtual Background feature available on?

The Virtual Background feature is currently only available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  • Can I upload my own images for a Virtual Background?

Yes! All users will have the ability to upload their own customized images for their Virtual Background. You just need to click ‘Add image’ and upload an image file from your laptop or computer.

  • What is the maximum file size and file format I can upload for a Customized Virtual Background image?

The maximum image size is 4MB with a 4:3 aspect ratio ideally.

The accepted file formats at the moment are JPG and PNG only.

  • Are Virtual Backgrounds set for a 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio? 

Virtual Backgrounds are currently optimized for a 4:3 aspect ratio. So, if you are uploading your own custom image, please try to stick to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

  • Does the Virtual Background feature require a green screen?

No! It’s not essential for you to have a green screen to use the Virtual Background feature. Of course, if you have one, the background will look cleaner, but it’s not essential!

To get advice and answers to questions you have for your specific situation, join us inside the Remo Revolution Community