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Looking to change your video quality in Remo? Or, to adjust the aspect ratio displayed?

Well, you've come to the right place! With Remo's manual Camera Settings option, you can do both.

Here's how:

1. Click the upward arrow next to the 'Cam' button in your bottom menu toolbar.

2. Select 'Camera Settings'

3. Here you'll be able to see a preview of what your video stream looks like.

If you would like to use a different camera source of yours, you can also select this from the dropdown menu next to Camera.

4. If you are looking to adjust your camera's video quality, select one of the options from the Video Quality dropdown as shown below

Changing your camera setting from 'Default' or 'High' to either 'Normal' or 'Low' will help:
- Lower your CPU usage
- Reduce the bandwidth requirements

For guests with poor internet connections or older devices, we recommend switching to either 'Normal' or 'Low' Video Quality.

When adjusting your video quality to either 'Normal' or 'Low', you may notice a slight delay in movement or a slightly pixelated video. Don't worry, this is just Remo reducing the resolution and framerate of both your camera feed, as well as others on your table/ in the presentation, so as not to "overwork" your device. 

5. If you'd like to keep your original aspect ratio intact (in other words, if you're not seeing your full video stream), check the box for 'Keep Original Aspect Ratio'.

Currently, Remo defaults to a 4:3 aspect ratio for all its input streams including your camera!

If you are using either 'Default' or 'High' for your video quality settings, the aspect ratio will default to 16:9

If you are using either a 'Normal' or 'Low' video quality setting, the aspect ratio will default to 4:3 (you will not be able to change this default setting)

Please note, if you are using Remo's Virtual Background, you will not be able to adjust your camera settings.

6. Click 'Save Changes'

Remo will now remember this setting for the next event you attend as well!

7. Now when you're ready, turn on your camera by clicking the 'Cam' button in your bottom menu toolbar!

Please note, the ability to change your video quality and/or keep your original aspect ratio is available in both Conversation and Presentation Mode!

Ta-da! You can now use your camera however you like in whatever video quality and aspect ratio you choose.