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We understand that, as Event Hosts, you want to see and understand everything that happened at your past events. Things like:

  • If your attendees are connecting to one another
  • Who was engaging the most
  • Which parts of your event had the most engagement 

and so much more... 

Because knowing data like this will help you run better and more effective future online events.

Well, good news! We now have a Data Dashboard that shows you all that information!


This article covers:

Please note, Data Dashboards will only be available for any events created after May 1st 2022. Also, Data Dashboards can only be accessed via (not through a custom domain).

How to Access Data Dashboards

1. Log in to your My Events dashboard
2. Pick a past event you'd like to view analytics for and hover your mouse on it in order to click the 'pencil icon' in the top right corner

3. Choose the' post event' tab

4. Click on 'View Analytics'

5. And there, you have it! Here is your event's Data Dashboard

We suggest to check the data minimum of 2 hours after the event in order to get accurate information

Analytics & Metrics Provided

Let's dig a little deeper into the actual data that you can find on the dashboard.

The dashboard is divided into 3 tabs:

1. Summary

The metrics/data you can find are:

  • Average Time Spent per user in (mins)
  • Peak Attendance (max. attendance at any point in your event)
  • Attendance Rate
  • Breakdown of your event (how much time was spent in Conversation vs. Presentation Mode)
  • Conversation Mode (mins)
  • Presentation Mode (mins)
  • Total Registrations
  • Total Attendees
  • Total Registrations Over Time
  • Total Attendees Over Time 
  • Top 15 Guests ranked by time spent in the event

2. Engagement 

The metrics/data you can find are:

  • Total Relationships Started*
  • Average Number of Relationships Started* per user
  • Average Time Spent with Microphone On (in seconds)
  • Total General Chat Messages Sent
  • Total Like Remojis
  • Total Clap Remojis
  • Total Confused Remojis
  • Top 10 Guests ranked by Time Spent with Microphone On
  • Top 10 Guests ranked by Relationships Started*
*A Relationship Started refers to a pair of users who have been at the same table with either their microphone or camera turned on for greater than 1 minute

3. Attendance Data

For this table, you also have the option to export the data as 'CSV' or 'Excel'

The data you can find here will show the following:

  • Attendee's full name
  • Email Address
  • Company - as stated on the attendee's profile card
  • Headline - as displayed on the attendee's profile card
  • Title - as displayed on the attendee's profile card
  • Role 
  • Whether they were invited
  • Whether they registered for the event
  • Whether they attended the event
  • Registration time
  • Login and logout time
  • Time spent in the event
  • Number of General messages sent
  • Number of Remojis used (broken down by Remoji type)
  • Time spent with Microphone turned on
  • Total Relationships Started

 If you have any feedback, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or clicking the 'Need Help' button in the lower left corner