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Online events are great for making new connections and catching up with peers (especially at an event hosted on Remo!). But, that becomes much harder if you can't actually find them at the event...

Enter - Remo's "Find Other Users" feature (or what we like to call - Find My Friend)

With this feature, you and your guests will be able to easily locate exactly where another user is at a Remo Event.

So, here's how you can find others at your event:

1. On your bottom menu toolbar, click the "Participants" button

Please note, this feature is only available when in Conversation Mode.

2. This will open a list of all active users at the event on the right-hand side of your screen. For easy navigation, users are listed according to their event role (whether they are an Event Host, Speaker, or Guest)

3. Find and hover over the name of the user you would like to locate

4. Click on the locate button (the target icon)

5. If the user is on the same floor as you, Remo will zoom in to their location for you as shown below

If the user is located on a different floor, you will get a notification letting you know which floor that user is located on as shown below

6. You can also learn more about a user by viewing their profile card - hover over the user's name and click the profile icon.

Happy locating!