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This article is about embedding content (via iframe) into Conversation Mode. For information on how to embed content/slides in Presentation Mode, please check out this article instead.

With this feature, you can now easily share a piece of online content with all your guests at the exact moment you want to. Whether it's a feedback survey, a fundraising goal, a video, or more (we've got examples of how you can use this feature at the bottom of this article!).

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Please note, the online content you want to share must be accessible via an iFrame. You can test whether your content can be shared via an iFrame using this tool.

How to use the Custom Content Feature:

1. As a host, click the 'More' button in the bottom menu toolbar, and select 'Embed Content'

2. Select your Content Type - that's what type of content you'd like to share

3. Enter your Content URL - that's the link to what you would like to embed. Once you've entered your Content URL, you should be able to see a preview of your content as shown below

Please remember the URL you use here must be accessible via an iframe and begin with "https://"

4. Once you're ready to share that content with everyone in your event, click the 'Launch' button

5. This will open a pop-up in the lower right corner of the screen for yourself and everyone in the event.

6. If you or any guests would like to close the content, you can simply click the 'Close' button in the upper right corner of the pop-up box.

If there is another piece of online content that you've shared that has not been viewed yet, the close button will turn into a next arrow instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can any link be shared using this feature?

Any online content that can be accessed from an iframe and begin with "https://" can be shared using this feature. To check whether the content can be shared you can use our Preview function within this feature (Step 3 from above) or use an online iframe tester tool such as

Please also note some websites or videos may require you to use an "embed" version of the link if they have this. For example, Youtube and Vimeo videos in particular have an embed version of their videos that can be accessed via an iframe:

Youtube (if the video you would like to embed has allowed embedding):

1. Click 'Share'

2. Select 'embed'

3. Copy the URL after the term "src=" (it will look something like

1. Click the share button (paper airplane icon)

2. Under the embed option, copy the URL after the term "src=" (it will look something like

  • Can I specify which table the content is shared to?

At the moment, any content you choose to share will be shared with everyone at your event (including event hosts, speakers, and guests).

  • Will this feature be available in Conversation and Presentation Mode?

This feature is currently only available in Conversation Mode.

  • Can I share multiple links during an event?

Yes! However, please note guests will only be able to view one link at a time. This means if they are currently viewing the first piece of content you shared, and you have just shared another one - the user will not move automatically to the next piece of content, it is up to the user to decide when to move on.

Examples and Ideas for using this feature!

1. Sending an event feedback form or survey

If you'd like to collect some insights on what parts of your event your guests enjoyed or didn't enjoy, you can always send out a quick feedback form. Traditionally, these are sent post-event via email which has a relatively lower response rate. So instead, with this feature you can whip up a quick survey to embed and share with your guests near the end of your event directly inside for a much higher response rate and engagement.

2. Simultaneous Presentation & Conversation mode

Do you want to host webinars without losing the table-to-table audio-video conversations? You can use this feature to embed either pre-recorded or live sessions using any video platform that allows iframing and embedding, and share this within Conversation Mode!

3. Embedding Entertainment or Games

Want to add some additional fun to your event? Why not embed some light background music, or even an online game, so your guests can have some fun while they connect with others around the room. For some inspiration on our favourite games, check out this article. Just keep in mind the size of the pop-up when choosing a game!

4. Share a Fundraising Goal or Auction Items

Hosting a live auction or virtual fundraiser? You can use this feature to share in real-time the items up for auction for a live bidding session right in Remo. Or, why not take the opportunity at a virtual fundraiser to share when you've hit milestone moments and how much is left to hit your fundraising goal to encourage further donations.

If you're using this feature in another way, we'd love to hear more about it and add to our list! Get in touch with us through the 'Need Help' button in the lower left corner or email us at [email protected]