Looking to share a link to a specific table in Remo?

Look no further than Remo's direct table link option! Now, you can create a specific link that allows a participant to join your event AND enter the table of your choosing.

Examples of when you might use direct table links:

  • You're inviting a colleague or friend to your event and want them to immediately join you at your table
  • You're hosting a career fair or poster session and want to send specialized links for different companies/exhibitors
  • You're running interviews or meetings, and want participants to immediately join your table or a waiting table

Here's how to copy a direct table link:

1. If you are an event host, right-click on the table you want to copy the link for and select 'Copy Table Link' from the menu

If you are a guest, click on the table you would like to copy the table link for and select 'Copy Table Link'

Please note, using this method, you won't be able to click on the table you are on currently. If you want to copy the table link for your current table:
- Please move to another table
- Select your original table
- Copy the link and share it with who you want
- Move back to your original table

2. The table link should now be copied to your clipboard, so you can send it to whoever you want to invite!

3. When a participant uses a direct table link to join the event, after entering the event if there's space on the specified table, they'll join that table directly

Even with table links, participants will still go through the regular join event flow (log in via the event landing page, geartest, attendee onboarding if they are a first time user). After which, they will enter the event on the specified table

Frequently Asked Questions

  • If the table specified by the table link is full, what table will the participant join?

If the specified table is full, the participant will then join the next available table (as determined by our regular algorithm)

  • Can both guests and hosts copy and share table links?

Yes! Both hosts and guests are able to copy and share table links. For hosts, they can copy table links by right-clicking on any table and selecting 'Copy table link'. For guests, they can copy table links by selecting a table and clicking 'Copy table link'

  • Can we use table links to link directly to the Green Room?

Yes! You can share a table link directly to the Green Room as well - using the same instructions as above (select it and click 'copy table link') 

  • Is there an expiration date to table links?

Table links should be available for participants to use so long as the event is open (event hosts and speakers are able to join an event early)

  • If the event has ended, and someone tries to join using a table link, what will happen?

Since the event has ended, the participant will not be able to join even using a table link. They should see the event landing page instead, with a message that the event has ended

  • Do table links work for users joining an event on mobile?

Yes! Table links will also work for participants joining an event from mobile