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Don't want to deal with magic links, forgotten passwords, or even emails?

This article is perfect for you!

Remo now supports "Login with name/Guest Login" for guests joining a public Remo event (a.k.a guests only need to enter a name, and then they're in the event!)

Please note, this option is only supported for guests joining a public event on Remo. The option will not be available for private events. Event hosts or speakers will not be able to log in with this option if they wish to use their event host/speaker privileges respectively


What is an Anonymous User/"Login with name/Guest Login"?


An anonymous guest user is well anonymous in an event (in other words, there is no email address or permanent account associated with the guest).

When joining an event anonymously, guests are just entering a name (which will be used by other guests/hosts to identify the user within the event). These anonymous guests can use their Remo profile only for the duration of that event (like a temporary account).

Please note, an anonymous user is "anonymous" to others in the event (only identified by a name). However, Remo is still able to collect user sessions in case troubleshooting needs arise.

For Guests: Joining an Event

1. Head over to the event landing page and click the "Join Event" or "Join Lobby" button

If you're unsure where the event landing page is, please contact your event organizer or reach out to us!
If the event has not started yet, the button will instead say "Register for event"

2. Select "Login with name/Guest Login"3. Enter your preferred name (whatever you want other guests to call you), and click "Continue"

4. That's it! You'll be directed into the event after that

For Guests: Attending an Event

Even as an anonymous guest user, you will still be able to use the majority of Remo features within an event. However, you will not be able to:

  • Edit or create your profile (add a headline, job title, meeting links) e.t.c.

You are still able to use the chat feature though to share meeting or social links with other guests if you wish to
  • Access the My Events or Account Settings pages after or during the event as your "Remo account" is only temporary (for the duration of the event you are attending)

If you are facing any issues during your event, you can contact the Remo support team by clicking the "Need Help" button in the lower-left corner of your screen. As an anonymous user, there is no email address associated to your account, so instead you can let us know your User ID (you can find this by clicking your profile in the upper right corner of your screen - your User ID is the string of numbers underneath your name)

For Event Hosts: Enabling/Disabling Anonymous Login

Account Owners have the option to enable or disable the anonymous login option (as with all other login options) if they wish to.

They can do so by heading to their Organization Settings > Company Profile > Event Registration. There they can use the toggle for 'Log in Anonymously' to either enable or disable the option for all their ongoing and upcoming public events.

For Event Hosts: Post-event Reporting/ Guest List

Typically, in the post-event report, event hosts are able to see all the guests that had registered and attended their events (name, email addresses, duration spent e.t.c.).

However, since anonymous users do not have a real email address they've associated with their "account", you will not be able to view an anonymous user's email address within your post-event reports or guest list.

During your event though, if you require post-event communications, you can always ask for anonymous users to leave their email address with you over chat or even an in-event survey.