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Ready to turn your tables from "Sorry, we're full!" to "Come on in, the more the merrier!"? Now you can, with our latest feature – Table Overflow.

Let's dive into what Table Overflow is and how you can use it in your events:

What Is Overflow?

Table Overflow is the concept of allowing more space for extra guests at popular tables, surpassing their original seating capacity - up to an additional 50% of guests.

So, for example let's take a 4-seater table. Without Table Overflow, the table would only fit 4 guests. However, with Table Overflow, the table can now accommodate up to 6 guests: (4 regular seats + 2 overflow seats). The overflow seats are calculated by taking 50% of the original table capacity, which in this case is 4 seats:

Without Table Overflow
With Table Overflow
Total: Up to 4 guests
Total: Up to 6 guests

(4 regular seats + 2 overflow seats)

How Table Overflow Works: Enabling Table Overflow for Your Event

As the event host, you have the choice of whether to enable or disable Table Overflow for your event. By default, it is disabled.

1. Head over to your My Events page and find the event you'd like to enable this feature for. Click the pencil icon to navigate to your event's settings.

If you do not have an event already created, please instead click "Create Event" to start creating your event. Once you've added the basic details of your event, you can follow the steps to enable Table Overflow directly!

2. Click on "Advanced" and then "Feature Toggles"

3. Turn the toggle for "Allow overflow seating" to ON

To disable Table Overflow for your events, you would just switch this toggle to OFF

4. Save your event by clicking on "Save and Close" or "Save and Publish"

How Table Overflow Works: Inside an Event/Joining a Full Table

With Table Overflow enabled, once a table reaches its regular capacity, the overflow section then opens, so more people can join and be part of the ongoing conversation.

To a guest, the process of joining a "full" table is no different - they just need to double click on the table they wish to join.

If all regular seats are occupied, guests will automatically take up an overflow seat (in the picture below, guests 6, 7, and 8 are all occupying an overflow seat).

For example, the table above usually fits up to 6 individuals on the table. With Table Overflow enabled, the maximum number of people on the table is now extended to 9 individuals (comprising of the original 6 seats, and an additional 3 overflow seats).

There you have it! That's how Table Overflow can work for your event!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many can join a full table when overflow is enabled? 

When overflow is enabled, tables can now accommodate 50% of their original seating capacity. For instance, on a 4-seater table, without table overflow, it can only seat 4 individuals. However, with table overflow enabled, the table can now seat 6 people (4 standard + 2 overflow).

  • With Table Overflow enabled, is my guest capacity per floor also increased?

No, this functionality simply redistributes the available seating space on the floor for your guests. It does not raise the upper limit on the number of guests that can be accommodated per floor.

  • What about the host seat? Are there additional host seats?

Table Overflow only adds additional regular seats to a table - it does not add additional host or admin seats at the moment. There is still a maximum of 1 host seat per table (if this is included in your floor plan).

When Table Overflow is enabled, event hosts will now be prompted to occupy the host seat when all standard and overflow seats have been occupied and another user is trying to join the table.

  • Can we enable table overflow mid-event? 

Yes, you have the flexibility to enable or disable table overflow at any time during the event using the toggle within the event settings. Nevertheless, we recommend you to decide whether to enable this feature or disable it prior to the event starting.

  • Can we enable table overflow for just particular tables? 

Currently, there isn't an option to enable table overflow for specific tables within an event. When table overflow is enabled, it is applied universally to all tables in the event.

  • Do I have to make changes to the floor plan to enable Table Overflow?

No! That's the best part - you only need to switch the "Allow overflow seating" toggle on if you wish to use this feature at your event. You don't need to change or add anything to your floor plan.

Remo will automatically create and position your overflow seats for each table for you. These overflow seats are automatically positioned in between regular seats. (This placement cannot be changed at the moment).