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Remo is now ISO 27001 AND SOC 2 Type 1 certified! ✨
If needed, you can email [email protected] to request for the full report.

Are you a new user trying to log in to Remo? Check out this article for how to register and join an event 
(don't worry, when entering your email address, Remo will detect if you have no account and will ask you to create a password instead)

Need to reset your password, check out the steps below:

1. Head over to your upcoming event's landing page and click "Join Event", "Join Lobby", or "Register for Event"

2. Type your email id and click on "Log in with email and password" 

Click on "Forgot Password?"

4. Re-enter the email id for confirmation and an email will be sent to you. 

5. Please check your email inbox/spam folder for the password reset link and follow the instructions on the email.


6. Once you click on the link you will be able to reset your password. Enter your new password in the box provided and click "Save"

Welcome back! ❤️