After you stop the recording of your presentation it will automatically be saved in the Event Settings Panel. Here’s how you can download or view your recordings of your presentation:

1. Go to your My Event page. Search for the event and click the pencil icon located in the upper right corner of the event image

If you're already in the event space click the menu button (3 parallel horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the event space and then click 'Event Settings'

3. Now select the tab 'Post Event'

4. Scroll down and look for Presentation Recordings. Click the 'Download' button of the recording that you want to download

If you wish to delete the recording, click the 'delete' icon next to it

5. You will be routed to the preview page. Click the 3 dots located at the lower right corner of the preview page and click 'Download'

6. Your download will automatically start