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Introducing Custom Domains, with this functionality you can host Remo events on your own domain!

Instead of using the default Remo event URL, you can replace the Remo subdomain with your own subdomain, giving you a fully branded event experience for your guests.

With a custom subdomain, you can replace the "" part of your event URL with your own subdomain. For example, becomes

Say hello to a fully white labelled Remo experience!

To use a custom subdomain for your events, you must first have first the white label add-on for your account. You can contact our Success Team to purchase this or if you have any questions about it.

This article covers:


  • You should have access to your DNS settings (and the ability to add DNS records)
  • You should have the white label add-on added to your Remo account

Setting up a Custom Domain

1. Log into Remo and access your Organization Settings

2. Click the “White Label Remo” tab

You must be the Remo Account Owner to set up white labelling or a custom domain for your account

3. Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see the White Label Remo section

If you have not purchased the white label add-on, you can click the “Contact Sales” button to first get this add-on for your account (or email our Success Team)

4. Under Custom Domain, click the “Request Custom Domain” button. This will open your email client with a pre-filled email - make sure to fill in the domain name you would like to use and send the email!

If your email client did not open, please send an email with the subdomain name you would like to use to [email protected]

5. Our team will then verify your subdomain name and send you back an email with a set of records and values for you to add to your DNS settings

Please allow up to 2 working days for this. If you still have not heard from us, please reach out to our Success Team

6. You need to then add those DNS records through your domain registrar or DNS host's dashboard

Each DNS provider will have a different way of updating DNS records, so we recommend checking your DNS provider's documentation for how to add records

7. Please allow for up to an hour for the SSL certificate to generate and DNS changes to propagate

8. After an hour, return to the White Label section in your Remo Organization Settings

9. You should now see your chosen subdomain name displayed here. For example:

10. Click “Check” to check whether your subdomain name has been properly setup. If successful, you should see a success message. If there was an error, you should see an error message instead

After you've checked your subdomain, the "Check" button will be removed.

11. If you ever need to edit your custom subdomain, you can click the “Edit” button or send us a request to edit at [email protected]

12. If you would like to stop using your custom subdomain, you can delete it by clicking the bin icon

With that, you’re ready to start using your own domain for Remo events!

Using a Custom Domain

When a guest uses the custom subdomain version of your event link, their user experience functionally remains the same. The only difference is instead of accessing the event at, they are accessing it at

Deleting a Custom Subdomain

To stop using your custom subdomain, you can click the delete icon next to your subdomain

To delete your custom subdomain completely, please contact our team for further assistance.

Things to Know

  • The entire process of setting up a custom subdomain and verifying it can take up to 7 business days, so please keep this in mind when planning for your event
  • The custom domain is applied at the account level, so all active events under your account will use your custom domain instead of Remo's
  • We currently only support using subdomains (if you need to use a root domain, please contact our team)
  • Please note all unique event-related links (e.g. magic links, event links, links in invite and reminder emails from Remo) will all use your custom domain once set up.
  • Any invitations or reminders sent from Remo prior to a custom domain being set up and validated will use the usual Remo event link. So, we recommend setting up your custom domain first!
  • The Event Management (or backend of Remo - e.g. the My Events dashboard, Organization Settings, or Create Event process) will remain on the Remo domain
  • Any guests upon navigating to their My Events dashboard or opting to become a host on Remo will be redirected to Remo's domain.


  • I set up my Custom subdomain correctly, but am still getting an invalid DNS

If you have already added the correct records and values to your DNS records, it can take between 24 to 48 hours for the changes to fully propagate. If it has already been longer than 48 hours, please get in touch with our Success team for further assistance.

  • Does a Custom subdomain also include white labelling the sender emails for Remo invitations and reminder emails?

Unfortunately, at this time the custom domain feature only involves white labelling your event link. Emails will still be sent from a Remo inbox.

  • I need help adding the records and values to my DNS settings

We'd be happy to help you, but please note we many not be able to solve issues exclusive to your DNS settings, in which case we will recommend you to contact your DNS provider for further assistance.

  • I requested to use a Custom subdomain, but I still have not received a response

We're sorry to hear that! We usually take up to 2 working days to process these requests. If you still have not heard from us after 2 days, please contact our Success Team for assistance.

  • Can I use my root domain to host Remo events?

We're committed to helping our hosts achieve success. If you need to use a root domain, please contact our team so we can discuss some options with you.