Running parallel events can be a powerful solution for people that want to run two or more presentations at the same time or create a multi-session event or really anything you want...

And guess what setting this up in Remo is as simple as ever! All you need to do is set up multiple "buildings" (essentially just set up multiple event spaces that run simultaneously)

But let's take you through this step by step:

1. Create the number of events you would like, as you normally would (remember each event will act as "building")

IMPORTANT: Please remember, if you set either event to 'Private' to make sure you have added all the emails of guests into the guest list. If this is not done, guests will be asked to login again, and will not be allowed to enter the Private event. For more information on setting up Prviate events, please check out this article

For a quick solution, you can create 1 event and clone it. They will have two different links

2. In the first event add a sponsor banner that links guests to the second event you created. Here's an example of how you could set that up:

  • Sponsor Company Name: The Second Building's Name (e.g. The Networking Room or The Lounge Area)
  • Banner Image/ Sponsor Ad Image: Visual Representation of what guests can expect in this other building 
  • Call to Action Link: Link to the other Building (Link to the Second event)

To avoid making your guests register again (when jumping between buildings), add "/?autojoin=1" to the end of your call to action link. See an example of this below:

For example:

Original link:

New link:

3. Repeat Step 2 for each other event you've created. By doing so, you're essentially linking each of these buildings together using the sponsor banners. So if you want your guests to be able to move freely between all your buildings, you'll need to have a sponsor banner for each of the buildings in every building you've set up

4. Try it out yourself to get the hang of it before your event! And to make sure each of the links are working properly

5. During your event, let your guests know they can follow the banners to the parallel events 

You may have noticed there are endless opportunities when it comes to simultaneous events. You could be running a multi-session conference and have each building represent a different session of your conference, such as 'The Welcome Lobby', 'The Main Stage' and 'The Networking Room'. Alternatively, you could use simultaneous events to take your guests through a specific route/ adventure, like a virtual IKEA even...

The sky's the limit here! Just make sure to check your plan limitations!