Do you have parallel presentations or tracks happening in your event? 

Or, are you looking to connect multiple sessions of your event together, like a networking lounge, the main stage, and a breakout space all in one event?

Then Remo's new Event Directory feature is for you!

With your Event Directory, you can link up to 6 of your public Remo events together into a single directory. Your guests can then use that directory to navigate easily and smoothly between all of your linked events in both Conversation and Presentation Mode.

Please note, the Event Directory feature only supports linking Public events at the moment. If you have a Private event you would like to link, please check out this article for how to connect a Private event.

This article covers:

Before we begin setting up your event directory, make sure you've already created all the events you would like to link. For more information on how to create your event, please check out this article.

Setting up your Event Directory

1. Head over to your My Events dashboard

2. Under Event Directory, click the button 'Link Events'

3. Enter a name for your Event Directory in the textbox

As you build your Event Directory, you can look at how this will look in your event using the preview on the right-hand side.

4. Time for the fun part – select the events you'd like to link using this directory! Simply click in the box and select one of your already created events from the dropdown menu.

Only ongoing and upcoming events will be listed in the dropdown menu. You cannot link past events.

At the moment, we only support linking Public Remo events. If you need to link to a Private Remo event, you can check out this article for a workaround

5. If you'd like to link more than 2 events, click 'Add Event'. You can also rearrange the events into your preferred order by dragging and dropping the events. To remove an event from your directory, click the trash icon.

You can link up to 6 public events in one Event Directory

6. Once you are happy with your completed Event Directory, click the blue 'Create Event Directory' on the bottom right.

7. If you need to make further edits to your Event Directory, hover over your created Event Directory and click the pencil icon. Similarly, if you'd like to delete your Event Directory, you can click the trash can icon.

Jumping between events

Once inside your event, hosts and guests can easily navigate between your linked events by clicking the dropdown menu at the top of their screen and selecting the event they'd like to jump to.

Easy right? And the same dropdown menu is also available in Presentation Mode for guests to use!

Frequently asked questions

  • How many events can I link to in the Event Directory?

You can link up to a maximum of 6 public Remo events or up to the maximum number of simultaneous events your plan allows for.

  • How come I can't see some of my events in the dropdown menu when setting up my Event Directory?

Only Public events that are either Ongoing or Upcoming will be shown in the dropdown menu when building your Event Directory. Private events are not supported at the moment, and Past events cannot be linked to.

  • Can guests jump between events in Presentation Mode?

Yes! The dropdown menu in the top bar will be available in both Conversation Mode and Presentation Mode!

  • Can I have more than one event directory at a time?

At the moment, you can only have one Event Directory per Remo company account. If you would like to create another Event Directory, you would need to delete your existing one first by hovering over it and clicking the trash icon. Please remember to check with your other Team Members before deleting an Event Directory though.

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