Sorry you encountered an error while using the Remo platform… 

But I can assure you we are committed to enhancing your experience with Remo Conference. 

In order to help find and solve the root cause of this issue though, our development team needs as much information as they can (listed below in the 1st section).

Thank you in advance for helping us help you!

Types of Information:

  • Explanation of the issue or error encountered
  • Steps you, or the user facing the issue, took before the issue occurred
  • Event Link
  • Date and Time the issue occurred
  • Full Name (or email preferably) of the user who experienced the issue
  • Browser and Operating Device of the user who experienced the issue (or a screenshot of their mic-cam test page)
  • Whether you or the user was on a VPN or Firewall at the time
  • Screenshot of your/their Javascript Console on the page where you/the user encountered the error (see below_
  • Any screenshots or videos of the issue as it occurs

Taking a Screenshot of your Javascript Console:

1. On the page where you encountered the error, please open the Javascript Console by clicking:


  • Windows: Control + Shift + J 
  • Mac: Command + Option + J


  • Windows: Control + Shift + K 
  • Mac: Command + Option + K

Safari (only for Mac):

  • Click ‘Safari’ on the top menu > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Advanced’ > check the box for ‘Show develop menu bar’ > Command + Option + C

The below browsers are currently not supported, but we have included them just in case. If you are using one of these browsers, please first try switching to either Chrome or Firefox and see if that resolves the error:

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer: 

  • Click F12

Brave or Opera: 

  • Windows: Control + Shift + J 
  • Mac: Command + Option + J

2.  Then click on the ‘Console' tab at the top, and then the menu button (play button inside a box) and then ’Error

Submitting the Error:

You can send all of these details and information directly to either or submit them through our Live Chat Support!

Thank you for reporting the error you faced! Our developers will now review your submission and reproduce the error you encountered so they can work towards solving the issue ✨