Sorry you encountered an error while using the Remo platform… 

But I can assure you we are committed to enhancing your experience with Remo Conference. So, thank you in advance for helping us help you.

How can I report an error?

1. On the page where you encountered the error, please open the Javascript Console by clicking:


  • Windows: Control + Shift + J 
  • Mac: Command + Option + J


  • Windows: Control + Shift + K 
  • Mac: Command + Option + K

Safari (only for Mac):

  • Click ‘Safari’ on the top menu > ‘Preferences’ > ‘Advanced’ > check the box for ‘Show develop menu bar’ > Command + Option + C

The below browsers are currently not supported, but we have included them just in case. If you are using one of these browsers, please first try switching to either Chrome or Firefox and see if that resolves the error:

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer: 

  • Click F12

Brave or Opera: 

  • Windows: Control + Shift + J 
  • Mac: Command + Option + J

2.  Then click on the ‘Console' tab at the top, and then the menu button (play button inside a box) and then ’Error

3.  Please document the error you experienced by filling in this form (it will take you less than 2 minutes)

4.  If possible, please upload a screenshot of both the error you encountered and the javascript console (when the form asks)

Thank you for reporting the error you faced! Our developers will now review your submission and reproduce the error you encountered so they can work towards solving the issue ✨