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GuestsSpeakersEvent Managers & AssistantsAccount Owners

You need to create an account ✨

Please refer to this article on how to register for a Remo Account

You already have an account ✨

1. Go to our Login page

2. Did you register with ...?

  • Google

In that case, press 'Log in with Google' and you will be asked to authorize with your Google account. After logging in, you will be redirected to Remo.

  • Your email and password

Enter your email and password, press 'Log in.'

3. If you forgot your password, follow the instructions in this article to reset it: How to Recover/ Change your Password

Here are some problems you may encounter when trying to log in...

  • You registered with Google previously, and now you are trying to login by just entering your email and password (not the 'Log in with Google' button). If you do that, you'll see this message:

We will remind you that you need to click 'Log in with Google' and log in through your Gmail account (Google).

  • When you enter a wrong password, the system shows you this disclaimer

Your account will be blocked if you try to log in and indicate an incorrect password several times.

  • When you try to use an email that is already registered, you get this disclaimer:

In this case, you can restore your password by following the instructions in the article How to Recover/ Change your Password

You have logged in but are getting logged out of Remo ✨

This may be due to a browser extension you've currently got installed on your browser which stops background tabs (tabs not being actively used on a browser).

Any browser extension that stops background tabs will stop Remo (i.e. log you out) if Remo is in the background currently.

To resolve this, try logging into Remo via an incognito or private mode browser so that your browser extensions do not load:

  • Incognito Mode in Chrome: Click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and select 'New Incognito Window'
  • InPrivate Window in Microsoft Edge: Click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner of your browser and select 'New InPrivate Window'
  • Private Window in Safari: Click 'File' and then 'New Private Window'


  • Is it mandatory to create an account in order to attend an event?

Yes, guests, speakers, and event managers have to create an account

  • Can I join an event with a unique link without registering?

No, all participants have to register