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We want to make sure your online events are AWESOME! 


And it's not to say that you couldn't make them awesome without us... but, it's always nice to have a helping hand, isn't it?


And that's exactly what you get with our various support services available.


What Support Services are available?


Remo partners with a vast range of fantastic and capable Event Agencies to offer a range of services to fit your specific event needs, including but not limited to:

  • Event Planning & Consultation

  • Event Building & Setup

  • Marketing & Promotion

  • Speaker & Sponsor Recruitment

  • Custom Floor Plans

  • Attendee/ Speaker/ Sponsor Onboarding

  • In-Event Management (supporting your live event from a host’s perspective)

  • Event Hosting

  • In-Event Technical Support (supporting guests with technical issues exclusively)


Based on your event needs, Remo will connect you with our Partner Agencies or handle it in-house.


How do I Request a Support Service?


If you would like to request a support service(s) for your next event, please fill in this form, and include all of the details about the event you would like support for.


In order for us to connect you with an agency and arrange for these services, we ask that you please make your request at least 7 working days before your event, as we cannot guarantee support on short notice.


If you do not hear from us regarding your support request within two days after submitting the request form, please contact our Success Team at [email protected]


Cancellation Policy

For support services provided in-house by Remo, we require cancellation notice at least 2 working days before your event. Cancellations made within 48 hours of the scheduled event may not receive a refund.


For support services provided by our partner Event Agencies, please contact your selected agency for their cancellation policies.