We want to make sure your online events are AWESOME! 

And it's not to say that you couldn't make them awesome without us... but, it's always nice to have a helping hand, isn't it?

And that's exactly what you get with our White Glove Support!

What is it?

White-Glove Support is when a support manager from Remo will attend your event and support your guests directly with any technical issues they may face. 

This can include mic-cam checks with all your guests, sitting at a help table in your event, being available on general chat to handle any technical issues if they come up.

This support person will work with you to diagnose the problem and drive towards a quick resolution.

How much does it cost?

For events with greater than 100 expected guests: US$2 per Guest per Hour

For events with less than 100 expected guests: Flat rate of US$100 per Hour

If you have fewer guests than the expected amount, we can add that as credits towards your next payment.

How do I request it?

If you would like White Glove Support for your next event, please fill in this form, and include all of the details about the event you would like support for.

We will then contact you with a quote for your event, and pass along the contact for the representative who will be supporting your event.

In order for us to arrange this though, we ask that you please make your request at least 7 working days before your event, as we cannot guarantee support on short notice.