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Firstly, please make sure you are using a compatible mobile device and browser, you can check this here: What Operating Devices and Browsers are Supported on Remo Conference?

Here's how you can navigate a Remo Event when using a Mobile Device...

Moving between Tables

You can move between tables by simply pointing/clicking on the table you wish to join then a pop-up box that says"join table" please click on it to move.

Moving between Floors

You can move between floors by clicking the Floor dropdown menu in the upper left corner of your screen, and then selecting the floor you would like to move to.

Turning on your Microphone and Camera

You can turn on your microphone and camera by clicking the 'Cam' and 'Mic' buttons in the bottom menu toolbar.

If your camera and microphone are not working, please check out this article for iPhone users or this article for Android users for some troubleshooting suggestions.

Using the Chat

You can chat with other guests in the event by clicking the 'Chat' button in the bottom menu toolbar. For information on the three levels of chat we have in Remo, please check out this article.

Viewing/Editing a User Profile

You can view another guest's virtual business card or user profile by clicking on their avatar.

You can edit your own profile by clicking your profile picture/avatar on the upper right corner of your screen and selecting 'Edit'.

Once you're finished, make sure you click 'Save Changes'!

Viewing Content Banners 

You can view the content your event organizers have set up for you. Depending on how the event organizer has set up this content, it will wither be directly shown on the floor plan or kept as a clickable image. Once clicked, the content will display as a pop-up on your screen. You can then view the content, and if provided click on the Call to Action button if you'd like to find out more or click 'Back to event' if you're not.

Viewing the Presentation

When the event is in Presentation Mode, you can:

  • Watch the presentation
  • Raise your hard to get your event host's attention
  • If invited onstage, you can join the presenter on stage
  • Use the Chat to speak with everyone in the event space
  • Ask or vote for questions in the Q&A Section

Contact Support

If you need any technical support during the event, you can always reach out to our support team by clicking the 'Need Help' icon found on the upper right corner of your screen