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*Inviting a user to join the green room is only available to Event Hosts (Event Managers, Event Assistants, and Account Owners)

Want a private chat with your keynote speaker before their presentation? Is your VIP guest is sitting at the wrong table? Do you need to pull a fellow host aside for a quick conversation?

While you can't forcefully move a user from one table to another in Remo (#GuestsChoice), you can invite them to join you at your table (or the green room).

If you want to pre-determine which table a guest lands on when first entering your event, check out Remo's pre-assigned table feature!

So, here's how you can invite someone to...

Invite someone to join your table:

All users (Event Hosts, Speakers, and Guests) can invite each other to join them at a specific table

1. There are two ways you can now invite someone to join your table:

  • Option 1 (available for everyone): Click on the avatar of the user you want to invite, this will open their profile card, and select 'Get' from the lower right corner
  • Option 2 (only available for event hosts): Right-click on the avatar of the user and select 'Get [name]'
    Image 2022-05-19 at 12.46.48 PM

Host inviting the Guest to join them at Table 1

2. The user you've invited will see a pop-up asking them if they would like to join you at your table. If they choose to accept, they will be automatically moved to your table.

Invite a Guest to the Green Room 

Only Event Hosts are allowed to invite Guests to the Green Room

Registered Speakers and Event Hosts do not need to be invited to the Green Room, they can join freely by double-clicking on the Green Room.

1. Right-click on the avatar of the Guest.

2. Press 'Invite to Green room'

3. The Guest will then get a notification saying they have been invited to join the green room. Once the Guest accepts the invitation (clicks 'Join'), they will be automatically moved to the Green Room.