While in Remo you can't pre-assign seating (check out this article for some cool workarounds though!)... you can invite individual guests to join you at specific tables.

Here's how

Invite someone to your table:

All users (Event Hosts, Speakers, and Guests) can invite each other to join them at a specific table

1. Right-click on the avatar of the user.

2. Press 'Get [NAME]'

Host inviting the Guest to join them at Table 2

Guest inviting the Host to join them at Table 1

Invite a Guest to the Green Room 

Only Event Hosts are allowed to invite Guests to the Green Room

Registered Speakers and Event Hosts do not need to be invited to the Green Room, they can join freely by double-clicking on the Green Room.

1. Right-click on the avatar of the Guest.

2. Press 'Put to stage'

3. The Guest will then get a notification saying they have been invited to a private meeting. Once the Guest accepts the invitation (clicks 'Sure'), they will be automatically moved to the Green Room.