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Remo Events' Landing Pages (or Registration Pages) are generated automatically based on your event details!



After you create your event, the Landing Page is created based on your:

- Event Title

- Event Page Description

- Type of event (Private or Public)

- Start and End Time

- Event Image

Let's take a closer look at the different elements that make up your Event Landing Page!

1. URLs

Your Event URL is automatically created, based on the title of your event.

For example:

Event Title: Carmen's room ✨


Event Title: Emerging Research on Beginning


Event Title: Co-working together London


URL Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I edit the URL?

No, at the moment you cannot edit the URL of your event.

  • What happens to the URL when I clone an event?

When you clone an event, a new URL is created again based on the event title of your cloned event. If you keep the event title the same then the same URL with "-1" is generated. For example, is a clone (copy) of the event

Emojis in the title are converted to text as well!


2. Event Image + Background Color

You can set the Event (Cover) Image when you create the event. This Event Image will appear in your My Events Dashboard (pictured left), on the left-hand side of your Event Banner (pictured middle), and on your Landing Page (pictured right).

For the exact details about sizes and formats, please check out this article.

The Background Color of the top half of your Landing Page is automatically selected based on the image you add. 

For example:

  • Grey as the cover 

  • Blue as the cover

3. Timing in the landing page

The Start and End Time displayed on the Landing Page will depend on each individual user's device time, not their IP. For example, someone using a VPN of another country will still see the time according to the timezone indicated by their device.

Time Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to show different time zones on the Landing Page?

Whilst we do not support displaying multiple timezones on the Landing Page, you can simply add the information about other timezones in your Event Page Description.

  • Is it possible to set one time zone for all guests to see on the Landing page?

No, all guests will see the timezone as indicated by their device settings.

4. Title, Tagline, and Description

This information is directly taken from the information you entered when setting up your event in the Event Details section. 

The Event Page Description supports links and rich text.

For some creative ideas on how else you can use the Event Description, check out this article!

5. Type of Event

As explained in the article about the Difference between Private and Public events, Private events have different buttons and don't have social media sharing. So, there are a few differences between the Landing Pages of a Private Event vs. a Public Event, as shown below:

Private Event
Public Event
Different Registration Buttons

*Private events can only be joined by people on the guest list.

Social Media Sharing
Not applicable

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I add the organizer's contacts?

The landing page only shows the logo and the company name of the organizer. If you'd like to add other information such as a website or email, you can use the Event Page Description.

  • Can I change the order (customize placement) of elements on the Landing Page?

No, that is not possible. The Landing Page is automatically generated for every event.

  • Can I embed the Landing Page on my website?

Yes! You can do that using iframe. See: iFrame - How it Works?

  • What happens with the Landing Page after the event?

Nothing. It stays published provided you don't delete the event from your My Events Dashboard. If guests come to the Landing Page after your event is finished, they will see the following message instead of the Registration Buttons: