You may have noticed a new button on your bottom menu toolbar recently - LOBBY!!...

Yes, that's right! Introducing our newly released Lobby Feature. With the Lobby, you can now choose when you want your guests (and speakers) to enter your event space.


So, how can I set this up?


1. Find the event you'd like to use the Lobby for and click the pencil icon to edit the event settings

2. Click 'Extras' and then 'Lobby'

3. Toggle ON the 'Enable Guest Lobby' option

4. Now you can choose what message you'd like your guests to see as they wait in your event's lobby area.

5. For a preview of what your guests will see, you can take a look on the right-hand side of your screen, as pictured below.

Now, that you've set up your lobby, let's take a quick walk-through of how it'll work for your event...

1. Once a guest clicks on the 'Join Event' button on the Landing Page and successfully completes their mic-cam test, they'll be taken to the lobby, which will look like this:

Guests can choose whether or not they'd like to listen to the lobby music by checking or unchecking the 'Mute lobby music' box

Event Hosts cannot select the lobby music

2. As an Event Host in the event space you'll receive a few notifications letting you know when someone has joined your lobby. 

You'll see a notification on the top of your screen letting you know who or how many users are waiting -AND- you'll see a number next to the 'Lobby' button on your bottom menu toolbar letting you know how many people are in the lobby.

3. To admit users, click on the 'Lobby' button in your bottom menu toolbar.

If only one person is in the lobby, you can directly admit them by clicking the green 'Admit' button in the notification at the top of your screen.

4. Once you click the Lobby button on the left-hand side of your screen you'll see a list of all guests and speakers currently in your lobby

5. To admit everyone in your lobby at once, click the green 'Admit All' button

6. To admit selected individuals you can search for their name and click the green 'Admit' button next to their name

You can also enable or disable the lobby from here by toggling the 'Guest Lobby' option at the top, but please note you are not able to edit the message shown in your lobby from here, this can only be done through your Event Settings.

If you disable the Lobby, anyone currently in your Lobby will be admitted into your event.