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It's never fun when you're rushing to do something. Whether it's rushing to reach work on time, rushing to make your lunch, or rushing to reach your event.

So, that's why we've added a Lobby Feature to Remo! So, your guests can join your event's lobby (or waiting room) up to 20 minutes before the event and wait stress-free for your event to start. This way your guests can log in, set up their profile, go through a mic-cam check, and still have time to make their cup of coffee before your event!

The Lobby feature also gives you, as a host, control over who joins your event and when. As an Event Host, you can choose to admit guests into your event one by one, or all at once. You can also customize the message guests see as they wait in your event's lobby.

Here's a preview of what your guests would see while waiting in the event lobby:

Please note, Hosts and Speakers will bypass the lobby when joining an event, as both these types of users are able to join the event prior to the event start time.

This article covers:

Enabling/ Disabling the Lobby Feature

The Lobby is enabled by default for all new events. If you would like to disable the Lobby feature, you can do so by:

1. Find the event you'd like to disable the Lobby for and click the pencil icon to edit the event settings

2. Click 'Advanced' and then 'Lobby and Welcome'

3. If you would like to disable your Lobby, slide the toggle to OFF here. If you would like to enable your Lobby, slide the toggle to ON here. 

Customizing your Lobby Message

In your Lobby settings (Event Settings > Extras > Lobby), you can customize the message your guests will see as they wait in your event's lobby area.

Just type the message you'd like to use in the text box below!

The Lobby message has a maximum of 170 characters.

For a preview of what your guests will see, you also can take a look on the right-hand side of your screen, as pictured above.

Using the Lobby in-event (admitting guests)

Now, that you've set up your lobby, let's take a quick walk-through of how you can use it to admit guests into your event.

1. When a guest has joined the event lobby, all Event Hosts will receive a few notifications informing you of how many people are in the lobby:

  • A notification bar at the top of the screen
  • A number next to the 'Lobby' button on your bottom menu toolbar

2. To admit guests, click the 'Lobby' button on your bottom menu toolbar

If only one person is in the lobby, you can directly admit them by clicking the blue 'Admit' button in the notification at the top of your screen.

3. In the Lobby panel, you'll see a list of everyone currently in your event lobby

Guests are listed here in the order they entered your event lobby with newer guests being listed at the top. 

4. There are two ways you can admit guests:

Admit guests one by one or in small groups

To admit selected individuals you can search for their name and click the blue 'Admit' button next to their name

Admit all guests at once

To admit everyone in your lobby at once, click the blue 'Admit All' button above the search bar

5. You can also choose to disable (or enable) your lobby from this panel by toggling the 'Guest Lobby' option at the top. 

However, please note you cannot edit the Lobby message from here, this can only be edited in your Event Settings.

If you disable the Lobby prior to your event, anyone currently in your Lobby will be redirected to your event landing page.

If you disable the Lobby during your event, anyone currently in your Lobby will be automatically admitted into your event.

Guests Experience

Here's how the Lobby will work for your guests when it is enabled:

1. Once a guest arrives at your event landing page, 20 minutes prior to the event they can click the blue 'Join Lobby' . All users will be taken to the lobby page where they can adjust their mic-cam settings, as well as test their device and network settings. Once the system check passes All they need to do is wait until they are admitted into the event. 

2. Then, they will be taken  page where they can choose to Set up their profile or immediately jump right into the event.

Please note, guests will only join the lobby and be admitted into your event once. This means if a guest joins your event lobby and is admitted at the beginning of your event but then leaves halfway. If the same guest returns to your event, they will be admitted straight into your event (even if your lobby is still enabled).