Are you running a workshop, company meeting, online school, or another event that needs collaboration tools? Then Miro is the answer for you!

Turn on Miro by pressing Whiteboard on the menu bar (for hosts - press More and Tab Whiteboard).

All your tablemates will receive a notification inviting them to join you.

Remo uses cookies to identify if you are logged into your Miro account. If that's the case, the new board will be automatically created in your account if you tab Whiteboard.

A new board will be created and all tablemates will collaborate and edit it.

If you are logged into your account, save the board by pressing 'Save to my boards'

If you are not logged into your account or don't have a Miro account, you will have to sign up/sign in first.

Click 'Sign up to save' and you will be forwarded to Miro to sign up or log in.

If you want to work with a Miro board you already created in your Miro account, you need to load it by pressing the Import button and choosing the document from your list.

Show or hide the editors' cursors.

If you don't save or export your Miro board within 24 hours of it's creation, it will be deleted.

To know more about Miro, visit:

Miro Website:
Miro Knowledge Base:
Miro Academy:
Miro Experts: