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Do your events have special or VIP guests? Do you want these VIP guests to have their own special, designated spot? 

Because… you may not want these VIPs to mingle with the other guests, or you might even want to keep their identity a secret until your grand reveal!!!

Whatever the reason, here are some ideas for creating VIP only areas in your Remo events:

1. Create a private event that runs simultaneously with the main event. 

Since it’s a Private Event, make sure you add the emails of all your VIPs to the guest list of the private event; otherwise, they won’t be let in!

2. In the main event, add a content banner labeled “VIP Event” or “VIP Room” and link it to the Private Simultaneous Event that you just created in Step 1, so that the VIPs can jump to the VIP-only event space. 

Make sure your VIP guests are using the same email address that you inputted into the guest list in Step 1

Idea #2: Change the table name of one of your tables to "VIP"

Edit your floor plan and change the name of one of your tables to “VIP”. So your VIP guests know which table is exclusively for them and they can join that table.

Make sure to instruct your other remaining guests that the VIP table is only meant for VIPs

Idea #3: Using the Green Room as the VIP area

Remember, the Green Room is a special area that only Event Hosts, Registered Speakers, and Invited Guests are able to join.

There are two ways through which you can turn your Green Room into a VIP area:

1. Invite VIPs to your event as speakers! This way they have free access to the Green Room. They’ll be able to join and leave the Green Room as they please just by double-clicking (like any other table). 

2. If you don’t want to invite them as speakers, that’s fine too! Keep them as guests in your event, and simply right-click on your VIP guests’ avatar and use the ‘Invite to Green Room’ feature to give them access to the Green Room.

This method will not give the VIPs the flexibility to leave and join the room as they wish. The host will have to use the Invite to Green Room feature each time to bring the VIP in.

Please do note that the capacity of your Green Room will be subject to the table capacity limits indicated by your Plan