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Are you facing an issue when trying to select your custom speaker in Remo?

Left-hand menu bar in the Remo event
Mic-Cam Test Page

Please note the ability to select your Custom Speaker is only available on desktop at the moment; this is not available if you are using a mobile device

Not to worry! We've got a few quick fixes you can try to help solve this issue, depending on which browser you’re currently using: 


Fix #1: If you are using Firefox...

1. Open a new tab in your Firefox browser and type "about:config" into the URL address bar


You may be presented with a Proceed with Caution page; if you are sure you would like to proceed, then click 'Accept the Risk and Continue' 

2. Type in "media.setsinkid.enabled" into the search bar

3. If it says 'false', click the swap button on the right-hand side to change this to 'true' 

4. Reload the Remo tab, and you should now be able to select your Custom Speaker from the dropdown menu. There are two ways you can select this:

  • Click the 3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen, and select from the dropdown menu underneath 'Speaker'
  • If you're looking to test your speaker output, head over to Remo's mic-cam test page, and select your custom speaker from the dropdown menu next to 'Speaker'
Left-hand menu bar in the Remo event
Mic-Cam Test Page


Fix #2: If you are using another browser or do not want to change your Firefox Settings as per Fix #1…


Switch to one of our other recommended browsers, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, as this functionality (of choosing your Custom Speaker) is built-in by default. 

If you are using Safari, you will not be able to select a Custom Speaker as this browser does not yet support this functionality.

If you are still facing issues with this, please contact us on Chat by clicking the 'Need Help' button in the lower-left corner of your screen.