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Hello there! Welcome to this help article. We'll begin by sharing what a welcome message is and then show you how you can create one for your own event.

Wasn't that nice?!

Well, that's kind of like what a welcome message for your event could be. It's a way to greet your guests right as they enter your event.

There are so many benefits to including a welcome message for your guests including:

  • Greeting your guests to build up excitement for your event (of course!)
  • As a last chance to relay important event information that guests need to know
  • Add another bit of branding to your event

So, here's how you can customize your very own welcome message for your event:

1. Find the event in your My Events dashboard, and click the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of your event card to access your Event Settings

If you don't have an event already created, click the 'Create Event' button to create your event

2. Click 'Advanced' and then 'Lobby and We' from the left-hand menu bar

3. Tick the box for 'Show your Welcome Message' to enable this feature

4. Now you can customize your welcome message - this is the text your guests will see when they first enter your event

Add "##user" if you'd like to really personalize your welcome message for your guests. When guests see this message, the "##user" will be replaced by the name associated with their Remo account

If you're running multiple similar events, you can save time by checking the "Use this Welcome Message for my future events" box. By checking this, all your future events will have this same message (if you choose to enable the welcome message)

5. To complement your message, you can also add an image or video to go along with it! 

If you'd like an image, you can upload a PNG, JPEG, or GIF image from your desktop:

If you'd like a video, you can insert a Youtube, Vimeo, or Twitch video link in the textbox:

Once again, if you're running multiple similar events, you can also choose to save your uploaded image or linked video for future events' welcome message by ticking the box for "Use this image or video for my future events"

If you are linking a video, you can set that video to autoplay for your guests by adding the following to the end of the video URL:
- Youtube or Twitch Videos: add "&autoplay=1"
- Vimeo Videos: add "?autoplay=1"

6. As you're creating your welcome message, check the right side of your screen for a preview of what this message looks like for your guests

7. If you have no further edits to your event, click 'Save and Close' in the upper right corner of your screen to save your changes

And there you have it! A customized welcome message for your next event ✨

Please note, the Welcome Message will only be shown to guests the very first time they enter your event. If a guest enters your event, leaves, and then returns again, that will not be shown the welcome message the second time they enter.