Relevant to:
Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

Have you ever been hosting an event where all you've wanted to do is pick up a guest and move them to their "correct" table?!?

Us too! That's where Remo's "Move Guests" feature comes in handy!

With the "Move Guests" feature, hosts can easily relocate guests from one table to another (or even from one floor to another!). 

So, if you've got a VIP guest or a table host that's not at the correct table, this is a great way to nicely push them to the right one? 

Not to mention, it's also a great way to encourage guests who aren't interacting as much or who have been seated themselves for a long time to move to a more active table.

So, here's how a host can move someone to a different table:

If you're looking for a way to simply invite a user to join you at your current table, you can also check out our Get User feature (available to guests as well!)

1. Right-click on the avatar of the guest you would like to move. Alternatively, you can also click "Participants", and then the More button next to the guest you want to move

2. Choose the option "Move (guest's name)" from the menu

Access the Move option via the right-click menu
Access the Move option via the Participants button on your bottom menu toolbar > Move

3. Select the floor and table you would like to move the guest onto from the respective drop-downs

You will not be able to select the table the user is currently on and any tables that are full at the time

TIP: Check how many people are currently at the table before moving a user there

4. Once happy with your selection, click "Move"

5. The guest being moved will then see a pop-up on their screen giving them 30 seconds to wrap up their current conversation before being moved to the table you've selected for them

As the guest, they also have the option to "Move Immediately", selecting this will move them to the target table immediately

6. During this 30 second countdown, you as the host, will see a pop-up in the top right of your screen, so you too can see how long is left before the user moves. 

You can dismiss the notification by clicking the 'X' in the upper right corner of the notification.

7. If you have changed your mind and would not like to move this user, just click "Cancel Move"

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I move multiple guests at once?

At the moment, this feature only supports moving one guest at a time. To move multiple users, you can do so one after another

2. Can attendees move other attendees around? 

No, being able to move another guest around is only for event hosts (account owners, event managers, and event assistants)

3. How is this different from the get feature?

There are a few differences between the get feature and the move user feature. 

  • Firstly, the get feature is a less forceful action to encourage a user to move to a different table, as it simply invites a user to move to a table. 
  • Secondly, all users within an event have the option to "get" another user (it's not only for event hosts)
  • Finally, as the person initiating a get, you can only invite another user to join you at your current table. Whereas, with this move user feature, as a host you do not need to be at the table you want to move a guest to.

4. Can a guest move around during the 30 second countdown timer?

Yes! A guest that is going to be moved (i.e. they are in the 30 second countdown to a move) can still move tables but only within the same floor. They will not be able to move floors during this time.

5. What happens if during the 30 second countdown timer, the table I have selected to move an attendee too becomes full?

In that case, the attendee you've selected to move will not be able to join that table, as the table is full at the time of joining. Hence, we recommend observing the current number of guests at a table before selecting to move a user.