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Looking to stream your Remo presentation live to Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter, or more? You've come to the right place!

With Remo's newest live streaming feature, you can now stream your presentation to any destination that accepts an RTMP input.

So, how can you do it? Get started below!

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  • A Remo Event (this should already be created/published)
  • Destination you'd like to stream the presentation out to that accepts an RTMP input (please ensure you have the capability to livestream in this destination)

Setting up a Custom Stream

1. Go to your My Events dashboard and locate the event you’d like to live stream. Click the pencil icon to go the event’s settings

2. Click on ‘Advanced’ and then ‘Stream

3. Click on ‘Add RTMP Destination

4. Fill in the required information:

  • Stream/Server URL: This is a unique web address that carries your livestream every time you broadcast
  • Stream Key: This is a special code that allows your chosen destination to communicate with Remo
  • Playback URL (Optional): This is the page where viewers will actually watch your livestream on
  • Destination Name: A name just to help you easily identify the destination

The streaming destination should provide you with all of the above information. If you cannot find this information, we recommend doing a quick Google search for “How to find insert [your destination name’s] stream key”.

5. Click ‘Save Destination

6. You should then see your stream destination listed. Here you can edit the destination details, if needed, or delete the destination entirely.

Currently, you can only set up one destination per event. If you’d like to live stream out to multiple destinations from a single event, please reach out to our Success Team.

Starting the Stream

7. Once you’re ready to start live streaming your presentation out, click ‘Present’ from your bottom menu toolbar

8. Make sure that the checkbox for ‘Start streaming out to {{your destination name}}’ is checked

9. As usual, select whether you want to start your presentation immediately or in 30 seconds

10. Once in presentation mode, you should see “STREAMING” in the upper left corner of your screen once you have successfully started streaming your presentation out to the destination of your choice.

IMPORTANT: Only video, audio and shared screen streams will be present in the live stream. The live stream will not contain any of the chat messages sent over Remo, or content shared using Present Content.

There is also a 10 - 30 second delay when live streaming, the exact amount depends on the destination selected.

11. You can now control and view your live stream in your individual destination’s control room (this is likely the same place from where you found the RTMP details such as stream key or stream URL).

From here, you can adjust live stream settings such as the privacy of the livestream, title, description etc.

Depending on the destination you’ve selected and whether it was a scheduled live stream or not, you may need to click a Start Stream/Go Live button within your destination to start the actual live stream.

Stopping the Stream

12. To stop your live stream, you need to first either:

  • Return to Conversation Mode: By stopping presentation mode and returning everyone in your Remo event, you will stop streaming out to your destination. Use this option if you plan on restarting your stream to the same destination later in your event.
  • Deleting your Stream Destination: If you'd prefer not ending Presentation Mode in Remo, you can instead go into your event's settings and delete the destination directly. This will immediately stop any active live streams from that event without interrupting your event on Remo. Using this option though, means you cannot restart your stream later in the event.

Both of the above options will stop sending the live stream from Remo into your chosen destination. However, the next step is essential to properly end your live stream for all your viewers.

13. If you do not plan on streaming again in the same event, you need to end the stream from the destination itself as well. In your chosen destination look for the button that says something like "End Stream" or "Stop Stream". This will end the stream on your chosen destination.

Points to Remember

Now that you know the basics of how to set up and start streaming out, here are a few important points to note:

  • There will be a latency of about 10 to 30 seconds between the presentation in Remo and the live stream (this is dependent on the destination used).
  • Only presenters’ audio, video, or shared screens will be streamed out. The live stream will not contain any of the chat messages, reactions, present content or shared videos from Remo.
  •  When live streaming a presentation out, we recommend not taking any breaks from Presentation Mode, as the live stream will be continuously stopped and restarted, or remain frozen on the last frame received.
  • As always, please set up and test your live stream prior to your presentation.
  • By default, resolution for live streams into the destination platform will be in 1080p.