Relevant to:
Event Managers & Assistants
Account Owners

The option to record is only available during the Presentation Mode

Please note, the recording feature will only record audio/video and any shared screens shown during your Presentation. 

It currently does not record any videos shared using the 'Share Video' feature, the whiteboard, chat, or remojis.

Any changes between Tile View and Focus View during Presentation Mode are recorded.

If you want to record your presentation, here's how:

1. Start your presentation by pressing the 'Present' button.

If you'd like to start recording immediately when you enter Presentation Mode, make sure you check the box for "Start presentation with Recording turned on"

2. If you did not select to start recording immediately, you can start recording your presentation whenever you want by clicking on the "Start Recording" button on the bottom left of your screen.

3. The timer will appear at the bottom left corner of the screen, so you know your presentation is being recorded and how long it's been going on for.

4. To stop the recording, there are several things you can do:

  • Click the 'Stop' button beside the timer. This will keep your event in Presentation Mode, if you wish to continue presenting at your event.
  • End presentation mode directly, by clicking the 'Present' button again. This will return you and your attendees to Conversation Mode and simultaneously end your recording. 

5. Once you stop the recording, the video file will automatically be saved to your Event Settings. To download your recordings, please refer to this article.

Please Note: The maximum number of tiles that will be displayed in the recording when in focused/speaker view is 6 tiles (1 focused + 5 non-focused tiles)

Recordings by default will be recorded in 1080p