Some users may encounter problems when they start screen sharing and this might be because of browser preferences or operating system (OS) preferences. Here are some common issues with screen sharing in Remo:

  • Screen sharing is blocked in Safari
  • Screen sharing is blocked in Firefox
  • Can't Screen share using macOS Catalina
  • Computer crashed after turning on Screen sharing on Windows 10

Below are the solutions to prevent these errors:

Screen sharing is blocked in Safari:

1. You must enable screen sharing for specifically, so make sure you are on the Remo Conference website first

2. Click on ‘Safari’ and click ‘Settings for This Website’

3. Check that the Screen Sharing field is not set on Deny. Set it on either Ask or Allow 

Set it on ‘Allow’ if you don’t want to be reminded each time you turn on Screen Sharing

4. Refresh your browser. The next time you try to screen share, Safari will display a window asking you to allow screen sharing

Screen sharing is blocked in Firefox

1. Click on the 'Permissions' icon next to your URL bar

2. Under permission, make sure that ‘Share the screen' is not blocked 

3. Once you allow permissions, please refresh your browser. You should be able to share your screen afterwards

Screen sharing using macOS Mojave or Catalina

Due to increased security and permissions safeguards with macOS 10.14 Mojave and 10.15 Catalina, you may need to adjust your Security & Privacy settings to enable screen sharing of your desktop and other applications on your computer. Check how to fix screen sharing on macOS Catalina here

Computer crashed after turning on Screen sharing on Windows 10

On Windows 10, Chrome freezes when screen sharing a high-resolution display. This issue is caused by a bug in Chrome. The issue may go away if the 'hardware acceleration settings' in Chrome is disabled. To disable this:

1. Go to 'Settings' in your browser

2. Type 'Hardware Acceleration' in the search box

3. Click on the toggle button next to 'Use Hardware Acceleration when available' if it is currently on, make sure the button is greyed out

4. If this solution doesn't work, please switch to a Firefox browser