A user is someone that has created an account with Remo!

We have different types of users. Check out some differences between them here!

(a.k.a Account Administrator)
Event ManagerSpeakerGuest
Invite Guests to an Event

Edit Profile, Add Contact Information
Send Messages via General / Table / Private Chat
Manage Chat Conversation (e.g. Delete or Export Conversations)

Mute other People (in Conversation & Presentation Mode)

Remove Guests from Event Space

Make Announcements

Share Screen during Conversation Mode
Use the Whiteboard during Conversation Mode
Manage the Timer (in Conversation & Presentation Mode)
Start / Finish a Presentation

Join / Leave a Presentation freely
Raise Hand during a Presentation

Share Screen during Presentation Mode
Ask a Question during a Presentation
Delete a Question / Set as Answered

Record and Download a Presentation

Download Guest List

Download Question List

Extend the Time of the Event

Guests can become 'Attendees on Stage' during a presentation, if invited by an Event Host or Speaker

Speakers and Guests can become an Event Host by pressing the 'Be a host' button in the settings panel (3 parallel horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen)

Hosts and Event Managers can also attend other events (as a Guest) using their account

Learn more about the differences between a Host and an Event Manager here